Verry bad dw1655 results! Help!

Hai, i was really happy tot use my new burner, but the results are crazy!! Look at the scans for a 16x burn (which worked really good on my old 1620,1625)! :doh: :confused:

Somebody have the same shit? Even at 12x there is a spike @ 2.5 gig that gives me a result of 20%. What the hell is this? I use Verbatim dvd+r 16x mcc 004 India. I also have photo printable but those disc are even worser! :sad:

(Sorry for my bad english!)
Greetz, Triss.

This is a problem with MCC 004 discs made in India. They do not comply with the correct formula for the MCC 004 burn strategy. You need to switch to a Taiwan made MCC of switch to Taiyo Yuden.

but i never have this with other drive’s! How can that be?

I cannot answer that, other than MBI media is quite variable. Possibly the earlier batches were within specifications or the other drives used a write strategy which was more tolerant of MBI’s problems. All I know is one of the moderators has addressed this and that was the explanation he gave.

but only from india??

and its not the drive? He also give’s a read adres error at the and of a disc scan.

Yes, only from India. I can’t speak to the drive without seeing another media. In the mean time, you might try burning at 8X. I have never done so, but the errors are at the end of the disc where the burn speeds up. 8X might help this.