Verizon Wireless responds to FCC

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Verizon Wireless recently defended its decision to raise smartphone early termination fees, saying the increase is necessary as consumers pay less for their mobile devices.

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So by stating that the ETF allows them to subsidize phone purchases, they are implicitly admitting that they are keeping monthly rates high in order to make enough profits to cover the subsidized phones. With that, I’d like to see some “non-subsidized” plans for each carrier, with no phone subsidy, no annual contracts and lower monthly rates. Makes sense to me.

In addition, once your 1 or 2 year commitment is up, shouldn’t the wireless carrier drop your monthly rates? They are no longer trying to “recoup” costs for the phone subsidy, so it’s all pure profit for them afterwards.

We need to see these type of competitive options, but the big wireless carriers don’t want to do it because they’re profits keep rising every year.

The government should offer free cell phone service to everyone. This would drive out of business and punish the evil capitalist cell phone companies for making unfair profits at the expense of the People.