Verizon Voyager

I can see that we can place a movie in the LG VX9400, but can a movie be converted for the NEW Verizon Voyager. If so, please tell me how can it be done. Thanks

That phone has a native resolution of 176x144 and up to 320x240. It will play WMV, MP4, 3gp and 3g2 formats. I think I would try the ipod mp4 profile at 320x240 and see what happens.

I have the 9400 and have tried the Voyager in the store. I used the memory card out of my 9400 and the Voyager played the 3gp and H264 fine (MP3 audio). I hope the Voyager will tolerate a more normal frame rate than the 9400, which tops out at 12-15 fps. Everything except animation looks jerky.

I’d also try the Zune WMV profile also. I use a variation of that on my Dopod (HTC Trinity) with great results.

Thanks 90312 for the advice. I havent bought the Voyager yet, but i think ill get it now. If i have any difficulty with it ill post up again. With DVDFab their is rarely a problem. Best software and support ever. Thanks again