Verizon CEO: we still want the iPhone



I just posted the article Verizon CEO: we still want the iPhone.

Once again, Verizon Wireless has made its desire to carry the iPhone known, confirming that the decision is entirely up to Apple.

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Every mobile phone service provider in the world: we still want an iPhone


Don’t know why they would want the iPhone. It’s so yesterday…


I’d love to have the iPhone, but Verizion’s data plans are so darn expensive!


I don’t care what Verizon does anymore! My contract is up in June and I am telling Verizon to take a hike…I am tired of paying there high fees on everything…Most of the other company’s out there are half the price and the service is just as good!


Yeah, I think Sprint may have the best overall deal.


Sprint and Boost Mobile have the best deals going on. Sprint has better phones. What is really sad.
One of my sons has Boost Mobile and has faster and better Internet Service then I do with Verizon. He has a cheap flip phone and I have the LG ENV Touch, and his is better! Boost mobile is on the Sprint Network, there best phone right now is the Blackberry 8330 curve.


Hmm… Cool. I’ve got T-Mobile right now. I’m okay with it but I might try Sprint or Boost at a different point. Anyway, with Boost, you have to get phones at full retail price, right, unless you get the off Ebay?


Yes, Boost you buy the phone, but your not locked into a contract. The phones are not the bad. The Blackberry is around $260.00. They are getting some new phones in the next couple of months too. The price of buying a phone is cheap compared to the $150.00 a month service I pay Verizon now.


Yea, I knew there wasn’t a contract and $260 isn’t too bad for a phone.


I called Boost customer support a couple days ago. I wanted to find out if I could bring my phone number with me from Verizon. Yes, they can. they said it sometimes takes up to 4 days to get it.


[QUOTE=raceman94;2508515]I’d love to have the iPhone, but Verizion’s data plans are so darn expensive![/QUOTE]

Umm, I’m pretty sure the AT&T data plan and Verizon smartphone data plan pricing are just about the same price ($30/month)


I’m in Canada and with Virgin Mobile. I joined up expecting a virgin on rollerblades. Nope, just a phone. I’m pretty bummed.