Veritas simple backup

I made a couple DVD backups of camera image files on a RAID drive (not my C drive) . The RAID0 drive has died and I’m trying to recover files on this. Meanwhile I would like to recover some files from the Veritas “Simple backup” v 4.85 DVDs but it does not seem to give me an option to recover the files to anywhere but the original drive. Obviously I don’t want to do that.

I don’t want to take the risk of clicking on the “next” button while it shows it will be recorded on the RAID drive. It maybe there is some option that occurs after this.

As far as I can tell Veritas does not offer any support for this program. I suspect if they did it would cost a fortune.

Any suggestions? Any link to a manual better than the brief dumb notes that came with the program? The program came with the SONY DRU 510A DVD R/W drive


You could be in trouble. Veritas Record now DX was sold off to Sonic. I recently thought I’d update my Veritas, and instead was horrified to find it wiped and Sonic Record Now in its place. Sonic’s software cant even record VCD like Veritas could, you have to pay for that privelege, everything is now a plugin you have to buy from sonic. So I sent them a jaded email, and went and bought NERO. I also have the DRU510A surprising package 1 sheep yet have done working backups of Sims2 and Doom3. As far as recovery goes it is limited, Sonics upgrade does not even have recovery. (only at a price) you may have to buy another raid drive to restore, and even that may not work.

Thanks for your reply. I had a feeling all was not well with Veritas.
Anyway, in desperation I took a chance and clicked on “next” at which point the program tried to recover the files to my RAID drive. Fortunately it failed, and at that point gave me the option of recovering to another drive.

It then worked and I recovered the backed up stuff I needed. There are still some files on the RAID drive that were not backed up but it now looks unlikely I will be able to retrieve them.