Veritas Problems - Px Engine Update Link is Back

The Veritas Px Engine Update Link is back. Unfortunately it’s the same v3.58 that was available before the link was taken down.:confused:

Since the Lite-on LTR-48125W is still not supported, I take this as a bad sign. Especially since I just ran across the news that the SEC is investigating AOL’s transactions with Veritas. See Veritas shares swoon on SEC probe .

The fact that AOL purchased Veritas is bad news in my opinion, and could be the kiss of death (but hopefully not). Prassi Europe was always good about product updates and support, but then they sold out to Veritas. Support has seemed to drop off since, and it probably is not coincidental that AOL purchased Veritas in the fourth quarter of 2000 (in which the deals under investigation took place).