Verifying Recorded Media - Waste of time?



Is there really any point in verifying a DVD after recording it? It seems like a waste of 10 to 20 minutes. Thanks for any thoughts.


If you mean verifying that it’s readable. You can use Nero CD-DVD Speed or Plextools to do a read test / transfer test. This test is usually sufficient for most users because it shows if the drive has problems reading back the disc (large dips/drops in the read curve can be problems) and only takes about 5 minutes.:slight_smile:


I’m not sure if we’re talking about the same thing, crossg, but I’m a newb. I’m referring to the option to ‘verify’ that a lot of programs, ImgBurn, Nero, etc., give you for running immediately after burning a CD or DVD. It seems to me if I can burn without error, the verify would be a waste of time. Am I incorrect?


Lots of people use the verify option for backing up important data which is a good idea but for a movie this is the users choice. Read tests for DVD movies would be fine in my opinion.


I generaly only verify if it is something important where loosing it might cause problems and it cannot be reburned.
If you learn to run cdspeed disk quality tests (if your drive is capable), you can get an acurate idea of how well a particular kind of disk is burning where you won’t have to worry about verifying except in cases where it is imperitive that the data be corect.


I think that when you first start burning that it’s very useful to verify. It gives you confidence that all is going well.

I used to when I first started & found that some of my burns didn’t verify. This was largely down to the poor media I was using. Once I go some decent media the verifications always worked, so now I don’t bother with this anymore.

I do , however, disc quality scan all my video burns to ensure that I’ve managed to achieved a certain standard.


ANY burning attempt can go wrong, even if it were “burned successfully”.

That’s why verify is recommended, of course properly by using extra tools mentioned earlier.


I also find that if I am burning from my external hdd that I might get, ‘file not found’ or ‘secor XXXX is different to sector XXXX etc’ but most of the time its nothing…i think.


I like to do the verify when burning backups of my data just to be sure. I agree that it takes awhile. I don’t do it when backing up movies.




That depends on how you value your data and how critical the copy realibility is to you.
chef told you why.



Always verify my Acronis True Image backups to DVD-

I always backup to Taiyo Yuden T02’s - and have never not been able to backup from a verified disc-

It is just good - common sense practice IMO-