Verifying latest software updates when making a Blu-ray backup



Since creating a backup of a Blu-ray movie - particularly one that requires shrinking it’s size can involve multiple programs, is there a simple, reliable site(s) one can go to when verifying they are using the very latest version of the software listed before making the backup?

BD- Rebuilder

It seems just going to the main site for each of these doesn’t necessarily show the latest version available for download (including Beta).


Yes our Copy Movie Software Forum has the latest AnyDVDHD and Fab updates. Our Software updates forum also has them. If you have any issues you can subscribe to these threads and you will be notified when the programs are updated. Dont hesitate to post if you need any help.:iagree:


Thanks for the input. All this time I’ve been a “MyCE” member, I never thought to actually join a forum for updates.