Verifying errors

Hi, I have a question regarding this.
I’m using Nero, and sometimes I get errors when verifying after burning. Now, this is all logged but it refers to sectors and there’s no mention of the actual file that isn’t matching the source. So how can I identify them? I usually burn a bunch of video files and don’t want to have to watch every single one to see if there’s a freezing frame or something. Other programs do specify filenames (like k3b under linux).


Download CD-DVD Speed from NERO’s website (or look for it in your Program File shortcuts within the Nero group - ie. installed as a tool with your NERO - prob. v4.04).

Run the ‘ScanDisc’ test with “C1/C2 - PI/PO Test” checked. This will tell show you which files have the errors.

Not exactly sure what ‘verifying’ does, but you may be better off using CD-DVD Speed for either Disc Quality testing or ScanDisc testing instead of using verifying - esp. since ‘verifying’ doesn’t give you any guidance as to what/where errors are, if any.

Good luck. Cheers. :slight_smile: