Verifying CDPLUS CD's



Hi all,

I use the latest version of Nero to burn 2 disc sets, 1 regular audio and 1 CDPLUS CD. The problem is with the enhanced CD. Even though I have Nero’s “verify data” option turned on (which adds 5 minutes per CD to the time I spend making each one) it doesn’t actually appear to be helpfull. I’ve been shipping these CD sets to my customers and getting about 10-20% bad disc 1’s coming back to me. Usually the data doesnt’ burn at all and it turns out to be just a regular CD, even though NERO verified it as being fine after burning. Occasionally I get 1 that is just data and no audio, or corrupted or missing data files.

I’ve tried looking for a third party utility to allow me to quickly check a batch before shipping them out (listening to the audio then pulling up each .pdf file on the CD is just too time-consuming) but sadly all I have tried so far only verify the data and report that the audio files just aren’t there, although they are.

So my question: can anyone help me either with guidance on getting Nero to reliably verify CDPLUS compilations, or point me to a third party utility to verify them after burning?

I’m burning 2 discs at once with 2 NEC CD/DVD recorders on seperate IDE channels, holding them back to 8x burn for better audio quality. I’ve tried both DAO and DAO/96 modes, buffer underrun protection both on and off, but can’t seem to get it NERO to verify reliably.

I need to start burning a large batch of sets (about 100 or so) for an upcoming product release very soon, so any timely advice from the knowlegable gurus here would be GREATLY appreciated!