Verifying burns?

I was wondering how do people verify their burns? I’ve been using the verify written data option in nero, and also sometimes running the discs through k-probe, but is all this really necessary for each burn or should I just do it a few times to check out a spindle?

I am mostly archiving movies, anime, mp3s, so I won’t be using the discs and finding errors right away. I’ve had a few instances where nero finished the burn but upon verification they turn out to be bad (10 discs at the bottom of a spindle were like this)

So on one hand it takes a lot of extra time and there are rarely any errors, but on the other sometimes the data is irreplaceable or very time consuming to require.
yes I use good quality media

I always verify my data after bruning it with Record Now. I dont use Nero anymore for my dvd writing simple reason its a piece of crap.

I dont mind the extra 10min it takes to verify my data.

I would say it mostly depends on how crucial the data is and or how willing you are to risk losing it.

I don’t verify everything. I probably Kprobe and/or verify one out of every 5 discs in a spindle. But I’m willing to risk that small chance it may have problems. I use higher quality media to reduce the risk.
If for whatever reason I was forced to use really cheap media then I would make sure to verify/Kprobe every disc.

When it comes down to it, it’s all personal preference really. Remember that 95% of people don’t know how to use Kprobe or verify there data in the first place :wink: