Verifying before scanning?

I just got a BenQ 1655, and it’s the first time I can make quality scans. And in the next few weeks, I will probably do so, a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

My question is: does it make sense to verify with nero, if you make a q.scan anyway?

Second question (a very personal one): what is the lowest quality score you find acceptable (i.e. below which score do you re-burn)?

Congratulations on your new BenQ DW1655, I hope it will work as well for you as it does for me. :slight_smile:

A disc quality scan on a BenQ drive doesn’t (reliably) tell you whether the disc is readable or not, unfortunately, which I have demonstrated here. You will still need an actual read test to be absolutely sure that the disc is readable.

The Nero Verify test will accomplish this in most cases, although there seems to be a few systems where it isn’t 100% reliable. For me it has always been reliable.

An alternative is to perform a Read Transfer test with e.g. Nero CD-DVD Speed, which will also show you whether the disc can be read at full speed all the way. Unlike Nero Verify this will not compare the data on the DVD with the original data you burned, so it will not detect data corruption (which is rare but it happens).

I pretty much ignore the quality score, and instead look for slowdowns in the Read Transfer test or clumps of PIF errors in the quality scan. I also look for any PIE/PIF results that are much higher than usual with that combination of burner, firmware, media and burning speed.

If any of those problems occur, I will usually not accept the burn and I will perform it again. I might make exceptions for discs that are only supposed to be used for a few days or weeks.

Thx Drage, great info. Very useful.

The verify-checkbox keeps being checked from now on :slight_smile: