Verify write vs. Nero CD-DVD Speed Scan

Hi all. I have a question. If, when burning any file, you select the “Verify Data” option, does that serve as a suitable scan of burn quality? Or is a PI error scan with Nero CD-DVD Speed the best way to go? Thanks for the help.

Verify Data just checks to make sure all data was burned to the disc, it does not tell you if the quality of the burn is good or bad

At least with a verification you know that atleast that burner can re-read the disc successfully.

It’s something you should do , I think, until you have confidence in the burner & the media you’re using. I used to verify everything in the old days when I was using cheap media but now I just scan everything & for DVD movies I do a quick test on my player.

For the assurance of the burnt quality I would do either Scan Quality or Transfer Rate Functions.

I personally favour a CD-DVD Speed quality scan, in conjunction with a Transfer Rate Test. And if it’s a movie that I’ve burned, playing the movie helps if I have the time.

This is kind of off topic:
But if you have more than 1 burner use a different drive to run QS/TRT test so you will know that it will read in another drive. I even put DVD-RAM discs in another drive to make sure it can read it also.

That’s good advice :slight_smile: