Verify viewable data on rented DVD

Is there a way to verify that data on a rented DVD is viewable? I rent DVDs using Blockbuster online. The service is pretty good but I find myself sitting down to watch a movie and it is flawed/damaged to the point that it is not viewable. So, is there some software with which a DVD movie can be quickly verified as readable? The point being that if I detected an unviewable DVD I could send it back before actually sitting down to view it.


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A method can be a transtfer rate test with CD-DVD speed. If disc is readable, then you should obtain no read errors

Or just try to rip it with your favorite ripping program such as DVD Decrypter (although bear in mind that new Sony releases have arccos protection). If it looks scratched, and the computer can’t read it…

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I have the NERO copy suite on my system. Is that app located (buried :confused: ) somewhere in that bundle?


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If the playback device has the “DVD” logo on the faceplate and the commercial manufactured DVD title has the “DVD” logo printed on the label the commercial manufactured DVD title is required by law to play flawlessly in the playback device.

If the commercial manufactured DVD title fails to play flawlessly in the “DVD” logo playback device return the defective commercial manufactured DVD title to Blockbuster and demand a total refund.

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you can also download latest version here

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I do send them back and Blockbuster sends out another copy. They’re good about that. The problem is that I receive a movie that I really want to see, I arrange time to watch it and then I discover at some point in the movie that it is unreadable. This is very frustrating of course especially when I was enjoying the movie. Anyway, I wanted an app that could tell me if the data was readable before I sit down to watch the movie. If the app says the DVD is not readable then I send it back directly.


Start -> Nero -> Nero Toolkit -> Nero CD-DVD Speed.

I got 2 or 3 unreadable DVDs during my 1 month trial of Blockbuster. The worst I got in nearly a year of Netflix was a DVD that was completely cracked in half.

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I had considered switching to NetFlix. I’m more inclined to try it based upon your feedback.

Has anyone else had better experiences with NetFlix?