Verify my burn?

How do iverify my burn and se so all the data went in to the disc…can i do it in nero 6.6 ore do i need another program

It might be best to burn with ImgBurn , rather than Nero as it’s verify function seems to work better.

You can do it with Nero , it’s just a check box on the burn screen.

Dose it come upp when im finished burning?
because whwn i burnde a data disk yeasterday…it just poppt out the dvd and nothin after taht…im using nero6.6

The verify option should be on the initial burn screen , assuming you’re using Nero Express - that’s was I always use. With Burning ROM I can’t seem to find it.

If I remember correctly, its in the initial options on Burning ROM when you select the type of disc you are going to create, aswell as at the bottom of the burn dialogue.

If you use Nero Burning ROM, you can check the box while it’s burning. Once checked, it will be checked the next time.

So that’s how you do it. As I never burn with Burning ROM I never got to be able to check this box when trying it today.

I’m not a Nero Express expert, but it looks like there is a way to do it. When you click “Next”, you get this window:

Yes that is the way. I’ve occasionally verified like this.

Is ther a way too verify a alredy burnt disc?

There’s an app called CD Check, found here , that will verify files after you’ve burned the DVD. You’ll probably have to register to get a free key but there’s no risk involved.

There’s also WinDiff from Microsoft that’s handy for this.

A good question. I guess if I wanted to ensure that every file of a large compilation was burned, I would use WinDiff.

There are other ways to see if the disk is readable. I sometimes use Windows Explorer to drag the whole thing into a temporary directory. I also use CDspeed to check the burn quality. But neither of these would ensure that every file was burned.

I guess if you have dragged files from many places into the compilation, there might not be an easy solution. Maybe if you saved the compilation, you could somehow use that.

it depends on what you burn.

if you burn an ISO image, you can use ImbBurn in Verify mode to verify the contents of the burned disc against the original ISO image.
this works for any ISO image, be it video content or not.

if you burn a data disc using Nero etc., you can use CDCheck like TimC said. i use it every time, it’s an excellent piece of software IMO.

i never trust Nero’s verification. i’ve seen discs that failed it and still the data was there 100% intact, and also cases where the disc passed verification but was no good.

There were some bugs in Nero before 6.x which made some discs fail verification (as Nero looked for filenames in ??? paths even if I used normal, English, 7-bit characters). Also, the verification checkbox was hidden with a few Nero 6.3? builds but came back, so updating is worth it… :slight_smile:

If I have a data burn for myself I always do at least a TRT after that, if I don’t have time to scan.

i was talking about Nero 6.6.
in any case for a data disc i always verify myself with CDCheck, whether i used Nero’s verification (which i usually do) or not.