Verify Issues on both 108 and 107 - Please hair!


I am tearing my hair out :frowning:

I have a Pioneer 108 installed in my PC and I am consistently getting strange behaviour.

The issues are twofold:

  1. Whenever I burn a CD or DVD I get verification errors on files. These can be either the normal Nero “verification of file x failed” but also recently I have been getting the red “Data Verification failed because Sector ##### contained data different from the source”. I have no idea why this is occurring.

  2. If I try and burn a suite of MP3’s as a genuine audio CD then I get the same red “Data Verification failed because Sector ##### contained data different from the source” error BUT I get ridiculous read speeds like in the 200x level and its clear from the DVD Drive light that the disc is not being accessed.

Errors occur even if Nero is the only app.

Hardware is:
P4 2.6Ghz, 1GB Ram, Gigabyte SINXP139 Mobo
108 is Master on IDE2 (no other devices) and DMA is on, firmware is v1.14

Software is Nero
Blanks are Ritek G04’s and G05’s, Datawrite Cds and DVD-RW’s.

OS is XP inc SP2.

Please help it’s really troubling.

Regards Neil.

I dont belive the verification check is a good way to check disks, since you have nero, just use cd-dvd speed check your disk, however since the pioneer isnt exactly designed for disk check reading, the results may be meaningless. The only real way to check is put your dvd disk into a drive and does it actually read back ok or since you have burned mp3’s or audio disk, do they sound ok, if so, then the burns fine.

Change the data (IDE) cables with others see if this cures.

i use cdcheck to compare the files on my hd with the files on my dvd’s. there was some compare errors when i had some bad ram, so id suggest testing you ram with a memory testing program in case that is the problem

Changed the IDE cables to no avail.

When I run CD Check on the burned files I get content mismatch and sometimes Cyclic Redundancy Check errors on several of the files.

Made the 108 the Master only on IDE2 to no avail.

Am very confused now.

OK am getting a bit further forward.

Decided to create an ISO using UltraISO and then burn with DVD Decrypter. The Burn and Verify with DVD Decrypter worked correctly and verified.

I am now running CD Check on the DVD to ensure the files are correct.

Doesnt this point to a Nero issue?

When I check the “DVD Decrypter verified” file in CD Check I get the errors:

“error;compare;content mismatch (99% match, first difference [B]: 193844700, mismatching [B]: 1/365424640) (code: 62);H:\Filename.avi <-> D:\Share Area\Unburnt Stuff est area\Filename.avi”

Any ideas?