Verify Error Opti Drive Control 1.80

It has been a very long time since I did quality testing on new blank media, so I am likely making a “cockpit error.” But I need help figuring out what is going wrong.

I got some new CD-R’s CMC Pro Inkjet and tried to test them with Opti Drive Control 1.80.
I am using a Pioneer BDR-208D 1.40 to burn and test. Yes, I do know that the testing capabilities of the modern Pioneer drives is very limited.

The Create Disc graphs of the new CMC Pro’s looks similar to my old JVC Taiyo Yuden graph, but when I try to Verify either the new media or my old JVC disc I get a verify error at the 50% of completion.

Here are the images:
New CD-R


New CD-R


Thanks for any insight you can offer.

Did you try Nero DiscSpeed?

When I try to install Nero DiscSpeed, the install routine wants to add in MS programs older than ones I already have on my hard disc and cannot proceed.

I never had such a problem under Windows 7. Which version did you try?

Hi kyrcy,

I tried the one here…
I tried it on Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

I don’t know why you are having this problem, but you can try the older versions from the same link that don’t require installation.

Thank you.

That is an excellent suggestion.

I will give it a try and post my results.

All the ones I have tried require that they be installed and either conflict with either the installed version of Nero Burning ROM that I already have on the drive which does not have the utility as part of it or require MS Visual C Redist 2010 SP1.

Can you point me to one that is portable.

Here is the image of the request to install the MS software.


Why don’t you just install the requirements? What exactly is the conflict? Most of the older versions from the same link don’t require installation. You just download and then extract and run the executable.

I started trying all of the files, one from the top of the list, then one from the bottom. Alternating till I found ones that would run without install and without run error. I do not want to install the requirements because I am not willing to risk messing up my functioning hard disk by attempting to install an older version of a MS or Nero program when I already have a more modern version functioning correctly.

I finally came to version 4775 of DiscSpeed which was able to run without install. Here are my graphs. The Benchmark scan erases itself after cycling the tray, so I did the screen shot just after it finished the Full stroke access time.

Are the number of “Damaged Areas” acceptable ???

Thanks for any help.

I see 100.0% in surface scan for good. What damaged areas?

If you look closely at the Scan Disc image, you will notice there are two areas of the surface scan that have several yellow blocks, (“Damaged”).

Apparently that is less in total than the program registers numerically.

So I guess my question could be, “there are very few damaged areas, but is having any considered acceptable for Blank Media” ?

I don’t have much experience with CD-R media, but I suppose the ideal would be not to have any damaged areas.