Verify Data Problem

Heres a weird one…

I have been burning dual layer dvds on my NEC ND-6650A on my laptop with the occasional frisbe. I started noticing a connection with the ones that were not working, they were all the ones that I actually cared about.

The difference being that I would do a verify data on these discs (the option box at the bottom of nero burning rom while burning). After a bit of investigating between the ones that wernt verified and the ones that were, I discovered (using alcohols drive properties disc tab) that the ones I did not verify had one track and worked fine, while the ones that I did verify not only had the dvd track listed but also had a second track listed with no info except for the number 2 representing the second track.

I also noticed that the book type was listed for the good disc and was not recordable for the good disc while for the bad disc it was marked recordable and had no booktype. I swear the only difference when I burned them was the verify data option.

Obvious answer is dont use verify data, which while annoying I can do. My real issue is with one particular disc that got ruined. I have no record of what was on it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can make this disc work? or even just get a list of the files that was on it from some sort of recovery program? I mean the first track is there with all the data, its just this weird second track that is confusing everything.

For reference I have attempted to attach a doc file with screen dumps of alcohol and neros disc info tools of both a verifyed and unverifyed disc.

Well someone has pointed me to isobuster to read my discs and that seems to work, so all is well. Dont know what the deal is with the disc verify problem but I just wont use it. Though if anyone has any ideas im still listening.