Verified MD5 checksums of the a correct working main M2TS


On request of user @jmone1 here by a sticky topic where you can post MD5 checksums of the main M2TS. Only post it if you are 100% sure your rip is correct.

This way other users can verify that their hours of ripping wasn’t for nothing and that they ended up with a correct backup.



At present of my 5 Supported Discs, I had errors on 3 of them. Here are the “good” MD5 for the main M2TS where I have confirmed at least 2 rips of the same title have the exact same content for all files in the structure. These are all discs purchased in Aus and discs from other regions may have different checksums.

Life : f2a0f5a1d373595d695150f80c038557
Logan : f50ac216f4950f8ca9f8b4fd56c4d0e3
Guardians of the Galaxy 2 : 28ab5b1bf611ec16386df70e8c81cc7b
Billy Lynn’s Long Half Time Walk : a591253e469a04abc8ee26395dbb36d8
John Wick 2 : 2a1497898be4c19535a973f9f77e106a

Next Batch - 25 OCT
Planet Earth II Disk 1: ec6099abc6758a2df512faacbcadb880 : 0058.m2ts
Planet Earth II Disk 1: 0ba3a83a5343bca17afda0d8d3ec011d : 0059.m2ts
Planet Earth II Disk 1: 6a6f034364c2580dd4daf1bd766f1b21 : 0060.m2ts

Planet Earth II Disk 2: bd17c39c592cf48606b8dc5b2aa8404b : 0058.m2ts
Planet Earth II Disk 2: 6a7568d6ed91731a707c6b3d8d2ad63e : 0059.m2ts
Planet Earth II Disk 2: aa5dedc87e4628b62497732b3fb68b2c : 0060.m2ts

Alien Covenant : b1697765b9d560051a6012149122c8bd

Mummy : 4711dd4871bf9fcbfcc73262b62a14da

31 Oct
Ghost in a Shell : a2408523efffb35cd547b0324d8025d5
T2 Trainspotting : 3ddf3eccdb6e454c91a1e79e799ce1e1

6 Nov
Inferno : f5c1f15047deee65cd7b2f5fc6569d2b


Added more checksums, 1 more ripping now. The good news is I did not get any MD5 Errors with the three new discs!


Updated the last one


Couple more. Still getting ripping errors with the new version but at least it is quicker to re-rip


Added Inferno (good rip - no errors)

Does anyone use this info (eg is it still worth me updating it)?


I think this thread can be closed / unstickied. I’ve now sorted out the issues with my inconsistent rips and others have tested and don’t have any issue. I’ll keep recording the MD5 of the main title for the notes in the main Supported Disks thread.