Verification Problems

I have been using Nero 5.5 with absolutely no problems. Recently I upgraded to Nero 6 and am now getting “Data Verification Failed” messages about every other burn. It’s usually just one file that causes the error. I have already downloaded Nero-Clean Tool and Registry Checker to make sure 5.5 has been completely removed. I have also made sure that the drive is set to DMA. The op system is W2K. Nearly all of my burns are data CD burns that involve a variety of files from a variety of programs. The files that trigger the error message are not one particular type of file from any one program. Today for instance I was burning an Mpeg1 file to a CD and got the “Data Verification Failed” message. I played the burned CD in Windows Media player and saw about a second of digital flaws (artifacting) about 4 seconds into the video. I burned another CD, got the exact same error and the video was corrupt in the exact same way in the exact same location. I copied the file over to another computer running Windows XP that also has Nero 6 and burned from that computer with no problems. No verification error; video played back cleanly. The fact that the problem occurs the same each time leads me to believe it’s not a media problem.

Greg Gerlach
Lexington, KY