Verification of quality

I just posted another thread asking for the most reliable way to avoid playback errors due to a scratched original, and thought of another related topic.

Sometimes I’ll use DVDFab to rip an iso, and even that iso will not playback properly straight from the hard drive. The errors are file read type errors, not glitches. I would think that no matter what, if DVDfab is making an iso it would at least make iso’s that are readable, even if this means inserting blank frames or whatever.

Is there any way to verify that an iso is up to spec per DVD video standards?

If the disc is heavily scratched, there is no way to guarantee smooth playback.

For the unreadable sectors, DVDFab will insert dummy DVD-VIDEO data, so that DVD player will ignore it and playback will continue.

I’ve been assuming that is you set DVDFab - in common settings - read - to report ALL read errors and ask for premission to continue, and it then does not report anything, that it has read 100% with no errors.

I beleeved that until I copied one disc that seemed horribly corrupted during final credits, yet no read errors had been reported ! ( corrupted when I played the Hard drive full disc copy, i.e. corrupted before the write process )

what are others experiences with theis common setting ?