Verification of Book Type Setting

When you set your drive by Book Type Utility to burn the DVD+R as DVD-ROM, how could verify after burning process is finished that the burned disc is now virtually or truly DVD-ROM? When such disc in Nero CD/DVD Speed reading shows the disc is still as DVD+R, Why? If that is the way suppose to be because of physical aspect of the disc, then how you demonstrate that this burned disc is DVD-ROM now or even the content of burned data is in DVD-ROM format?

TCAS: After I burn a +R with bitsetting enabled and check with DVD INFO PRO is shows as DVD-ROM instead of +R.

Go to “Extra”–> Disc Info. :wink:

BTW, DVD Identifier also displays the “real” booktype. :cool:


I see that but why on first window of Nero CD/DVD Speed still show the disc as DVD+R? Even in our own graphical presentation the disc is being recognized as DVD+R then in prentices says book type DVD-ROM? And thanks to you FASTASSEg also.

it is your option which will display