Verification fails

hi, can anyone tell me how accurate the verfication in record now max 4.5 is.
i tried a bunch of dvdr medias in my nd2500 by now and actually always had successful burns but very often this verification fails.
i tried copying stuff back from the "bad"dvdr to the hd and it gave me no errors. i also created crc files from the data i wrote and by that all was verified allright.
so can i be sure now my burned dvds are allright? in dvdinfo test the graphs look normal, and thats the only thing i have to test unfortunately.

Well from what you’ve posted, it sounds like your discs are burning just fine. :smiley:
Your burns are probably fine as long as you can copy data back to your harddrive.
RecordNow verify might not be working properly…
The Nero verify feature has also always been somewhat buggy.