Verification failed since I format my computer

I format and reinstall windows today, and I can’t burn data without any error with my dvd writer.

I tried with nero, alcohol and burn 4 free and different media, they all fail the data verification.

Windows xp is patched and I installed the latest drivers.

Any idea?

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Nero verify feature is know to be not reliable. To check your discs I suggest to make a transfer rate test with cd-dvd speed. If your burner supports it, also a quality test of your burned discs. These two tests coupled give a more reliable measure of the quality of a burned disc.

try using a lens cleaner.

my burner started doing that until i used the cd lens cleaner. this also cured some of the read test errors.

Also Install ASPI 4.60…Ignore whoever says U don’t need it…Some PCs Need it…Play Safe.

did you install the IDE drivers for your MoBo chipset? if so, uninstall them, this could help.
and yes, install aspi 4.60, as some burning programs need it :wink:
some information about your system would be helpful to solve the problem, anyway…