Verification Errors in Nero and CD Check



Any DVD I burn gets a verification error in nero, usually in 5 or 6 places. Same in CD Check, though usually different files fail there than in Nero. I have an LG GSA-4160b, running Windows 2003 on an Asus A7V333 mobo with 2 Maxtor hdd’s (I defragmented and scandisk’ed after a few dead discs too). DMA is enabled, the drive is secondary master on an 80-pin cable and the bios shows it as DMA mode 4, and I’m using a bunch of Verbatim discs (half are CMC 2x, half are MCC 4x) and every disc I’ve verified has failed. The files are readable, mostly, but some video files did get a bad frame or two.

The thing is, I don’t think it’s Nero OR the burner, since I mounted an ISO twice in Alcohol 120% (same iso on 2 virtual drives) and it found an error. Comparing one file to itself shouldn’t find any difference.

Virus scan and scandisk shows nothing, btw, and cd’s work fine.




@ Fluffyllama
My guess is that the media you are using is average quality at best and poor in many cases. I would recommend looking around the LG forum and see what media people are getting good results with and try to get some of that type and try a few burns. You may also find a newer firmware, which may help. If you are still having problems, try a post there…


Thanks! I’ll try that… I’ve tried the latest firmware too, though…