Verification error on veritfy, communication error

This solution has been put here so that future members can use it. This is my thank you back to the forum for helping me to find the solution to getting my drive working. Thanks :slight_smile:

Symptom: I get write errors, “communication failure”, system crashed while writing a DVD, verification errors or other weird errors. help!

DO NOT do this:
“There’s a bug in the firmware which sometimes causes these errors if you run Pioneer DVD writers in DMA mode. You must set it to PIO then. Current CPUs are powerful enough to run the device in PIO mode at 2x speed. Setting to PIO mostly fixes the problem.”

“Quite possibly a Nero error!”

DO this:
It has NOTHING to do with the firmware or Nero. Quite a few the people on the internet are under the general belief that it is their drives or software that are malfunctioning. If you do research into DMA and Ultra DMA you will discover that different “modes” give you different transfer rates between drives. You should never set your drive to “PIO” mode (Which isn’t even a DMA mode!), unless you have no other option.

It just happens that Ultra DMA modes above 2 need an “80-pin IDE cable”. Basicly your normal IDE cable has 40 wires. The 80 wire one has ground wires in between each of your 40 wires to take away any stray signals, and to terminate the cable more effeciently. An 80-pin cable was mandatory for Ultra DMA mode 4 and above.

So you can either buy an 80-pin cable for your drive (Only has 40 pins, but has 80 wires), or go into the bios/os and change the Ultra DMA mode down to 2. This mode will still be fast enough to allow your drive and computer to work :slight_smile:

Just visiting the Nero FAQ also brings some light into that:

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