Verdwenen units



hmmm strange…gisteren zowel van home pc als laptop geflushed en vandaag alleen de units van de home pc in de stats…beide wel op zelfde email, connectie was prima, waren geen random keys maar normaal…iemand suggesties waardoor nog meer kan komen? (zonde van de 2000 units maar gaat me meer om de nog komende :wink: )


eerste keer flush?
of is het vroeger wel goed gegaan?

first time flush?
did it work in the past?

(english forum!)


thought i flushed before…but when i think about it…i use the laptop only for2 weeks now so could have been that no flush worked before…i dont look at my stats all the time… ;)…so lets suggest that it never worked… (and now u probably gonna say: install again huh… :slight_smile: )


u know what it is…i cant see if the units are the ones that are counted for yesterday on my acoount…last week i installed the client on several workstations that are not on(line) 24/7…so they flush randomly (after 24h of work)…i will do a big flush with the laptop in about 2 weeks orso so i can see if they are counted for or not…thx anyway…see u on irc :wink:


okey, goodluck! :slight_smile: