Verbs +R at Amazon. $16.99

If you missed Neweggs $16.99 yesterday, grab these today.

Amazon matching some Newegg deals 1:1…
pretty good… one or the other should be good for no sales tax.

Back to 19.99 already.

DVD-R are still $16.99.

Patience, I suspect alot of tinkering between now & cyber monday… I think they want consumers to bulk shop for multiple items on monday. Even NE is tinkering with other prices so they’ll have good stock of what they hope to sell alot of…

BTW, Has anyone noticed that blank blu-ray media seems to have spiked in price lately? What’s up with that?

Much harder to find $1 a disc even for generic 2x let alone under $1.

A good deal on bd media would clinch the deal on a blu–ray burner but it’s not to be had…

Price: $16.99