Verbs degrade quick? Bad batch?

Like the title says, they degrade really fast? Like overnight or a few days fast?

Or just a bad batch? Got it on sale at BestBuy, how do they do returns? You have to give 'em all 50 back? (yeah probably)…

All OS off SB off/on WOPC on & burnt at 12 w/imgburn

scanned a few days later

and another

and then there’s this beauty

I am quite, quite sure that what you’re experiencing is not degradation, but physical damage, dust, dirt, etc. Make sure, under a bright artificial light, the the discs are SPOTLESS before scanning, and use canned air if needed.

If it was degradation, the PIEs would have gone first.

hmm, yeah, some of the PIE’s are actually lower, but inspecting the disk it looks mighty clean (referring to ‘and another’). spotless even…

Also I don’t have much experience (1st burner), do discs in same spindle vary alot? I got a few more that look like that ‘beauty’ above (which, looking at a lot of scans, doesn’t look like a ‘keeper’)…

Hi regnod,

will you please post the serial numbers found on the innermost hub? Thanks :slight_smile:

Are you using any stickers on the discs?

hard to see - 5360E4114+02159E07 that supposed to be a + in the middle there? - no, no stickers, not even a sharpie…

Yep. That disc is made by Prodisc. eyes the spindle of Prodisc-made Verbs in the room Hmmm…

I can’t keep up with what’s supposed to be good, too many variations - figured I’d be kinda safe starting out with some verbs. Maybe I should just get some ty’s from rima and call it a day…

I made the mistake of gettin a 8X 50pk from staples to play around with, since I’m kinda a newb still (for $2.98, not sure they’re worth even that much)… :o qscan says 8X not recommended hah

even burning at 4x didn’t help it

Sounds like a dodgy batch. Return it if you can.

PIF solid clusters appearing in several days can never be “natural” degradation due to instability of the media . All media degradation due to unstability starts with PIE increase in numbers and levels, waaaaay before PIF ever starts changing.

I’m pretty sure [B][Buck][/B] is right, this is physical damage. You must be scratching or smudging your discs in a way or another.

PIF clumping is a common signature of Prodiscs, in my experience :frowning:

I have used some FUJIFILM 16x -R ProDiscFxx discs and I get much better scans than my Maxell002 and plus series :smiley: And they have not degraded yet.

Maybe, if they appear on the original scans. I was referring to PIF clusters appearing AFTER the burn, in consecutive scans, which is what the original poster is complaining about… :wink:

CMC MAG E01 is not liked by all burners alike. It should look better than that though.

You’ve got to remember that CMC offers many, many grades of all their media. Some CMCMAGE01 is absolute fabulous, and some is terrible.

I somehow doubt Staples is buying CMC’s highest grade like Verbatim or any of the premium brands.

Verbatim has on-site personnel anyway…
regnod: Save the next screenshot as PNG or GIF to improve both size and quality. :wink:

yeah the behaviour is weird that it only shows a huge increase in PIF and no increase in PI.
So I’m not so sure what is going on.

I agree that this is by far the most likely explanation.

I find that it is very difficult to get a scan that looks as good as the original scan once I have handled the disc a few times, because dust clings to the disc surface the first chance it gets, and tiny scratches are very difficult to avoid.

Looking at the disc in normal ambient light won’t really show you much - you need to have a strong direct (artifical) light source in order to really see if the disc surface is clean!

Thanks for the replies, your probably right (buck alex santa dradge) even though appears perfect most likely from handling - makes sense since the pies are still low.

I’m still experimenting, saved the pic a few times as jpg but most are pngs…

Prefs say ultra-dma, 80 pin cable, defragged, even rebooted before burning, but
my burns seem to vary quite a lot though (got several ‘beauties’). I haven’t tried a burn w/WOPC off yet to see what happens. I did a few at 8x and 1 came out at 99% under 200 pifs, wish they all could be…