Verbs at Best Buy Next Week



+/-r, $12.99


Can’t wait as I have been waiting on this deal to come back around I still have 6 50 pack cake boxes unopened but do allot of testing so I try to stay stocked up on these when on sale.


Anyone have a BB coupon for this weekend?

I think i’ll grab a few 50’s tomorrow.




Crap, I was hoping that this would be a deal for the D/L Verbs.


Ahh, I see some1 running low on DL, I haven’t burnt a DL disc in a long time, Hope my Burners wont forget or loose that DL burning capability



I have [B]never[/B] burnt a single DL disc …ever , but these days I need some for larger video files that I hate to split , I was also hoping for Verbatim DL media sale next week (perhaps Office Max or Circuit City would have DL media sale).

Anyway I will call my friend in NY tomorrow to get me some SL Verbatims (only if CMC made) :slight_smile:


I don’t know if PlayO discs interest you, but here is a decent deal on some dual layers:


I got in the mail, 10 or 12% off. March 9 - 12.


Not at all. Confirmed to be fake Ricoh discs. If it isn’t genuine MKM then I don’t touch it as far as DL is concerned. @ghettocowboy, I’m not running low on discs for myself but I am running low on them for my business. :wink:


Yes i found mine in the trash :a Wife threw it away but now i have it :clap: Looks like we both will be there to get the deal.


Probably did that on purpose to stop you from spending more money on media. :wink:


SL Verbs will also be on sale at OfficeMax for the same price.


Hmm…are there new batches from BB getting a better quality …the last 3 or so I bought have been from ok to awful on burning…as compared to a batch a year ago


I still get great quality scans from the CMC made Verbs with the PAPA code. I just bought some and my scans are all below 300 on PIFs and below a max 10 on PIE. The only problem Verbs I have had were in the 100 spindle from Newegg and Sams Club. The 50 spindles have been great in my experience.


I have always bought 50 packs from BB and Officemax and must be lucky as I have not had a bad batch yet.


You are lucky, Megadeth.

I was just at my BB – all the 50 spindles were Intelliflix promo packed so I passed. I also went to Office Max as there is one very close to BB. They didn’t have the Verbs on sale at my store.


So sale Verbs at my Office Max either.:confused: Best buy is 10 miles away, Office Max is 1/2 mile, so I guess a price match is in order here.:wink:


The people at your OM store must not have put out the signs or something.
OM’s website shows them as being on sale.
I made a screenshot for you.


No, I had them scan the spindle and check their advert… no joy. It must be a web only special?