Verbies Going on Sale at Best Buy

Verbies will be back on sale at Best Buy next week for only $11.99 per 50-pack. If you got shot down on the OfficeMax deal, you have another chance to get some. There is a 10% or 12% Best Buy coupon floating around, so you can get a 50-pack for $10.80 or less. If you want neo-Verbies, then get them at OfficeMax with a PM.

as long as they are a 50pk, then i should be good on the quality right ?? just checking to make sure before i tell the wife to grab them…hehe

Got enough Verbatim right now, I’m waiting for 25 packs of sony to go on sale so I can get some T02 from sears.

…or Staples. In my area, Sears is dry, but Staples still has MIJ in the 25-packs.

Staples in my area is dry but sears has a few left though. Plan on cleaning them out like I did with Kmart (5 50 packs) this last weekend since 15 bucks for 50 T02’s is still cheaper then buying TY branded T02’s of the internet.

No, you still have to look for MIT spindle

You mean TY [B]Un[/B]branded :bigsmile:

Hmm…it’d be nice if OM would PM and take the coupon. :smiley:

Will they do that? They are good about PM, and I’ve used competitor coupons before. Not sure if both will fly on one item, though. Anybody done this?

Thanks for posting, negritude. Think I’ll jump on this instead of the deal this week. I don’t really need 100 of these right now.

Perhaps adding something extra, like a few low cost items, will make the coupon less conspicuous as to its real intentions. :wink:

unlikely. they only take stationary stores coupon like office depot or staples. The price matching is a go, but taking bestbuy 10% coupon is high mileage

No, I think he meant the OfficeMax $10off$20 coupon. It’s good until the end of August, so it will still be working (hopefully) next week.

The idea is to PM a couple 50-packs, add a few more non-media items, and then use the $10off$20. It’s very YMMV. Stores rarely do PMs and coupons together anymore.

They have been 14.99 for a 50pack (unadvertised) for weeks in my area.:clap: At OM.

Yeah, we know about the unadvertised sale (that’s in another thread), and if it’s still going on next week, then this discussion may not matter.

You guys are always talking about OM and I dont have one near me :sad:

My bad. I meant the end of November. :o

$11.99 per pack of 50 is the lowest price I have for long for Verbies. Good deal.

Is the sale include the 20pc package DVD+R DL too?

No. :disagree:

Thank you. :sad: