Verbatum DL-now $1 per disc after MIR @ Newegg


Ordered one pack. Thank you!

No hassle with local retailers and a good price even without the rebate.

Nice find!

Note that this is the 2.4x DVD+R DL (MID: MKM001) and not the real 8x rated with MID: MKM003.

How I hate rebates!..but hey, this is a great deal anyway. Free shipping too. I may order 4-5 packs…only comes to $1.50 each without the rebate.

Thanks for the post, appreciate it.

But with the right burners (see below), these burn very nicely at 6X – haven’t tried 8X as I’m conservative… :slight_smile:

Yeah, we can add Benq 1655 to the list for 6X…very nice burns!
Like you, I haven’t pushed to 8X.

I’ve had good luck with these at 6x on my Pioneer 109. It just stinks that they are out of stock yet again and I missed out. :frowning:

Out of stock :doh:

That is a super HOT deal.

$29.99 is an awesome price. The $10 rebate makes the deal even better.

What the **** the ones i get in Australia for the full injet printables one cost me $80…for 20…why are Americans getting a good deal?

Loss leader? Besides, out of stock isn’t such a good deal, really.

please post link for cheaper than $1.50 per disk delivered :slight_smile:

Out Of Stock
ETA: 8/21/2006 11:29:00 AM

Hopefully it be with the same price and rebate (which is good until 8/31). Click on auto-notify and get an email.

Back in stock today, but price up to $33.95 with 4.99 shipping & free CD/DVD wallet. Still a good deal.

I rather to stay away from MIR especially when I purchase online.

Depends on who is involved. I have only had two problems with MIR in the past 8 years. One was when went chapter 11, and my credit card company took care of that for me. The other was an issue with a MachSpeed SD card I bought from ended up refunding my purchase price after I informed them of the problem. All I asked them to do was lean on the mfr. a bit, but they stepped up to the plate big time.

Would I buy Bob’s Company USB drive from Joe’s Electronics because of a rebate? No way. But if I know and trust either the mfr. or the seller, then it’s generally a safe bet as long as you follow the instructions and save copies of your submissions. I’ve logged close to $5,000 in rebates over the years, and wouldn’t have 1/4 of the computer stuff I do if it weren’t for them.

Price has dropped to $30.99 with a $10 rebate

Of course it has. I already bought mine :doh:

No arguments there. That is why it has to be a good deal to begin with, then the rebate is merely a bonus. Originally it worked out to $1.50 a disc prior to rebate which is a great deal on these discs and even more so if the rebate was honored ($1 a disc). The good news is that these deals cycle through newegg periodically so we just have to keep an eye on them. :wink: