Verbatrin 8X 4.7 Vs Memorex 8X 4.7

I have an order in for Verbatin 100 for $25 after rebates and was able to pick up Memorex for 39.00 for 100. Is the Memorex worth $15 more? Advice appreciated, thanks. Sorry if wrong forum.

Verbatim over Memorex any day…but check the Media forum for specifics on the media IDs and performance/quality. you’ll need more info though, like + or - R, place of manufacture, etc.

I concur. Even though the Taiwanese Verbs are technically produced by CMC Magnetics, they still have the MCC dye. I would definitely take that over a Memorex disc (generally CMC Mag or Prodisc).

Yup, the Verbs are definitely worth at least $15 more than the Memorex, not the other way round. :wink: :bigsmile:

Were did you find the Verbatim 8x 100pcs for $25?

Here is the link. It went up to $29 after rebates. Be careful rebates end Feb 28th and they are on back order.



To put this back in perspective if:

Verbatin = 10 - then - Memorex = <5 overall

For that same thirty nine bucks you can get a lot of different medias that are much better (watch your Best Buy - Office Depot - Staples ads)


I probably would have agreed with you yesterday but check out this scan

It seems that verbatim is rebating a lot of their stuff, but each type of thing for different vendors.

Verbatim 16X is heavily rebated at meritline and supermediastore. But 100 Packs of +R and -r are both on sale at for $60 - $30 rebate.

Try here:
DVD+R 100 pack $60-$30

DVD-R 100 pack $60-$30

Where did you get this media???

True but one error rate scan is not conclusive proof. :wink:

Zevia - got them at Office Depot. I’ve never been thrilled with the Taiwan Memorex but these were on sale so for amusement spent 5 bucks and got some from India. After that, you can bet I got more! :cool:

Definately not. Even 3 packs from 2 different stores, completely different lots with similar scans is far from conclusive. It just means there may be hope for Memorex. We can’t automatically write off some brands - a few I think we can though :). Likewise, a brand that 90% of people rave about may burn coasters on your system.

I suggest for you to go to Best Buy and buy yourself FujiFilm(made in Japan) media for $39.99 for a spool of 100pcs. Make sure they’re made in Japan not Taiwan.

So this Memorex has the Made in India on the box? Yes, I’m collecting various MIDs just for fun. :smiley: