Verbatims with VideoGard



anyone try either the 8X + or - of these Verbatims?

are these just MCC003 and MC 02RG20? what’s the deal with the VideoGard protection?

TIA for any info/experiences.


VideoGard is like a scratch-proof/resistance coating similar to the famous TDK “armor plating”. Many companies seem to have their own version of this now…

The MID codes will be the same as standard Verbatim media (MCC003 and MCC02RG20).

I have some Verbatim mini DVD-R and mini DVD-RW with Videogard protection.
Any tests in particular that you would like me to perform?


i gathered the scratch-proofing aspect of 'em :stuck_out_tongue: but wanted to know if they worked (badly phrased originally). just wondered if they were a different MID, where they were made (i’m headed to BB today so i’ll find out anyway), and if there was any write quality difference with them.

does it stand up to a good licking? my dog gets at my discs sometimes. lol.


I will beat the cr@p out of one of my Videogard discs and do some tests when I have some time. :stuck_out_tongue:


haha…don’t waste a good disc just to satisfy my curiousity :wink: thanks as usual for your input Wes.


Hi Wesociety,

I too am interested in your test results for the Verbatim discs with Videogard since these discs are around $1.40/ea and the TDK Armor Plated discs are still $3.00/ea
Looking forward to your test results.


swilliamson727, just wanted to let you know there currently less than $1/disc right now at Best Buy:


Thanks drpino for the BB info. I bought 2 packs today but have not burned any of them yet.

Besides the TDK ArmorPlated and the Verbatim w/VideoGard does anyone know which other companies are producing scratch resistant discs?


Has anyone tryed this media? If so Post results and let us know what you think.

Dale :cool:


As expected, I’ve had some very good results with this media. :slight_smile:


well since there was a article about this protection on cdfreaks (, i just wonder where to get these in europe ?


Hmm… I missed this article on CDFreaks. Also this test tests the error correcton of the discs not really the coating - I don’t think the coating improves the readability if the disc is scratched disc… it only protects the discs to be more resistable to scratches. He dropped the disc and it scratch - test failed… the disc scratched but it shouldn’t. =P