Verbatims at BB this Sunday Nov 27

Verbatim 25pack dvd-plus/minus-r @ $7.99


16x or 8x.

You can get 100 pack of +R 8x at for 29.99 free shipping or 16x +R for 34.95 free shipping. Cheaper than this offer.

Got the BB ad right here in my lap. Don’t see the word Verbatim anywhere.

Neither do I, all I see is Fuji media at half price tomorrow. Plus a good price on a laptop on the front page.

alan1476 > If your wanting a cheesey slow laptop/notebook Circuit City has one for $199 with free printer and wireless router similar to the one at BB.

Newegg also has a pretty decent deal on the 8x -Rs (if you don’t mind a MIR).

The one at Circuit has two rebates one is 250.00 for a year of AOL. And the other is a couple hundred more for Circuit City. You can’t walk out the door for 199.00 even with the chessiest laptop. At least at Best Buy you walk out the door for 399.00.

True. Personally i would not get either one. Look at the specs. Up to you.

alan1476 is right I would never go for circuit city rebates stuff because is almost lost money out of packet.