I have always used the cheapest media with a rebate. I decided that since everyone is so intense upon the virtues of Ty and Verbatim, that I would try Verbatim. It was on sale for $20 for 100. I discovered that they all fail to verify after 90%. A lot of them have problems during the last five minutes of a movie. I only use these to backup my DVD’s. Each time I make a bad burn, I choose the option to try again and use a different media and it always works fine. All of my burners are either Plextor or BenQ. I get the worst result with Image Burn. I find that I must reduce the size of the content to less than 3.6GB in order to get a 100% success rate. I use Roxio, Nero, DVD Fab Platinum,1Click, and Image Burn to do my various kinds of burns. Does anyone else find that Verbatim has problems at the edge of the discs, or did I just get a bad batch? The MID is MCC 004.

I’ve had bad batches of Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden DVD media, as well as other media. The problems with bad batches is nearly always at the outer edge. Often it helps to reduce the burn speed if you’re burning faster than 8x.

Thanks. I always limit my burns to 8X Max. Too bad I wasted so many discs before I realized that reducing the size of the burn would save them. Now I know.

Try TY YUDEN000T02 seriously I get twice or three times better results than with verbatim & I have been a die hard fan of verbatim in the past. I burn @ 8x now , but Ihaven’t had as much bad luck as other people burning @ 16x. My first 3 years I only knew how to burn @ full speed & rarely got 3 out of 100 coasters on MCC004. :iagree:

You got a BenQ? You can use disc quality scanning in nero cdspeed with that drive. It would give us some useful info as to where it is on each disc - may be in the exact location on every disc. You can narrow down the very MB it goes bad actually. - Scan @ 8x and use cdspeed to save the file. Upload here onto cdfreaks so we can see how bad the errors are.

:iagree:This goes for most media, period! Lower them speeds ya’ll.:bigsmile:

Recently burned MCC-004-00 Verbatims @ 4x with a 1633s (F. BPSD) with decent results, but SONY-D11-00 the fist media used and most burning @ 4x has been giving us excellent results. I know that 4x on D11-00 has been the best over 8x, but do not know if it’s the same for MCC-004.

[QUOTE=slytrans69;1951074]I get the worst result with Image Burn. [/QUOTE]Just to help you sort out your issues: The software has zero impact on the burning quality, the blank/burner/firmware/burning speed combination is the only relevant thing for burning quality. :slight_smile: - many people like to think that the burning software makes a difference (heck, even I did), though careful testing shows that this is just a myth. :wink:

Sorry about your bad Verbs. Bad luck I guess. BTW are you positive these are Verbatim [I]branded[/I] discs, not just MCC004 sold under some other brand? Just for the record, would be nice to know. :slight_smile:

These are actual Verbatims that I purchased on sale at Staples two weeks ago. They work fine as long as I keep the size of the disc limited to 4200mb. I wasted 28 of them messing around until I figured it out. Now I am going to do a quality test on each new box before I burn to avoid this in the future. Thanks for all of your help.

You found Verbatims in Staples?

Staples in Long Beach, CA. Both of 'em.