Hi! I was wondering, are Verbatim regular cd-r’s usually a better choice than maxell, fuji or sony cd-r’s? I’m talking about the cheap bundled made in taiwan ones… thanks!

Well, Verbatim media in the DVD flavor is normally considered one of the tops in DVD archival quality for long-term use, so I would think the Verbatim CD-R media is at least as good. Remember that with the exception of Verbatim, Maxell and Fuji possibly don’t make their own cd-r media, but the only way to know for sure is to check out the Blank Media forum here and read other threads that might have these brands, so they tell you the true mid (who manufactured it really), and you’ll probably see burn scans indicating how good the performance is also. Sony makes its own cd-r, but I’ve not been impressed by anything Sony, and I’m especially turned off because of some of their under-handed business tactics.

A lot of the Verbatim CD-Rs available at B&M stores no longer carry the MCC ATIP with Azo dye. Mostly it’s Ritek, Prodisc and CMC with some MBIL, all with phthalocyanine dye. If you can find any that say “DataLifePlus” and specifically mention the Azo dye, get those. I know Microcenter still carries them.


Mine are Prodisc-made, and say so under Manufacturer in CD-DVD Speed. They don’t say DataLifePlus, and they’re made in China.

Having said that, while they’re not TYs, they’re fairly good so far for everyday use.


Sorry,Kg, but Sony killed DVD Decrypter and got really ugly with its developer,too. That’s what I referred to by “underhanded.” Generally, I’ve seen Sony cd-r have higher average jitter than say Moser Baer cd-r, and Sony DVD media have higher PIF spikes and more frequent PIF clumps than say, Verbatim. Sony is really just an overpriced name nowadays that isn’t equated with quality as it used to be.

@ TwoDegrees: I bought the Sony DVD+R 8x MIJ, so long as it was yuden000t02 and gave good results. :wink: :iagree: For my money and the scans I’ve seen on pure Sony mids, whether DVD or CD-R, I haven’t seen anything to impress me at all. :doh:

Just in general, I read about how many problems people had who bought anything Sony VAIO, whether laptop or PC, with some even claiming theirs was “possessed”! LOL. The rate of returns were about as high as people who had repeated trouble with Plextor 716a units. I even spoke to a TV techician that repaired all kinds/models/brands of TVs. Sony TVs used to be some of the best, and I asked him how they fared. He stated “Sony is junk, just like all the other TVs, except Mitsubishi and Hitachi, which are the only two that have significant quality construction.” And this was in 2002, so after he’d seen at least several hundred units like this, at that time…well, Sony was already heading for “king of cutting corners.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, Sony is a conglomerate of many different and fairly independent business units, so the question is, which Sony killed DVD Decrypter? More than likely Sony Pictures. Sony DVD-R media (MIJ) is pretty good, so I’m not going to punish the optical media manufacturing group by boycotting the media over what the music and motion picture BUs did.

If you are looking for a step up from the cheap CDs where you can count on what you get but not pay as much as TY, then Riteks from Newegg are the best bet, in my opinion. They have 100s from time to time that are delivered at $15. If I am going to get Verbatim, I try to stay close to $10 because, as mentioned above, you never know what you will get. This seems true with any “brand” you buy at B&M.

I bought verbatim’s and they’re cmc, are they better than maxell’s which are ritek?? I guess they’re both crap compared to ty

While discussions about Sony and whether it’s an evil company with no quality control may be interesting, such discussions are hardly on-topic in this thread! :wink:

It depends on the quality of your burner, but on my Plextor Premium, at 24X, I find CMC are OK while Prodisc and Ritek are much better, based on error rates.