Verbatim x8 dvd+r media



I was writing at close to x8 , my last two burns were know higher than x4 i didnt change anything, i use dvd decrypter in file mode , then vobblocker than dvdshrink , dvd decrypter is set to x8. why is that ,



Sorry can you explain better? What is the problem?


If I am reading the post correctly. The poster is ondering why his last two burns got no higher than 4x burn speed, when before it was near 8x.


why did my burn change from x8 to x4 it wont go any higher than x4 when burning a movie from harddrive to my disc. I was getting 7.5x when writing from harddrive to disc my last two burns where know more than x4.


yes that is what i mean ,thank you.


Thanks for clarify :slight_smile:

Maybe your HD need a defrag?

Do you have some process running in background during burnings?


I checked it , i dont think so, should i set dvd decrypter to max write instead of x8 would it make a difference.


If it’s set at 4x, it will burn at 4x.
If it’s set as 8x or Max, it will likely burn at 8x (or higher depending on your burner).
This is the general rule. However, depending on the variable media quality, windows randomly turning off your dma & which way the wind is blowing in Antartica, it can vary.

First of all … What is your burner?
If you have nero, can you run the infotool with one of your DVDR’s in the drive & post the log between “[ code ]” & “[ /code ]” tags. Delete the serial from the log before posting it. :slight_smile:

This will allow us to ensure there is no conflicting aspi layers / programs / etc without asking twenty different questions.


If DMA becomes disabled then the highest speed you’ll get will be about 4x, if it doesn’t error. Windows can sometimes do this for no apparent reason.Worth checking that I think.


I will check, thanks


I set dvd decrypter back to max write speed and now i write to 8x, thanks for everyones reply