Verbatim X4 DVD+R - Japan Vs. Taiwan made

I coulden’t find Japan Made so I bought Taiwan. Is the difereance so great?
I use LG-4120B (so far used Nanaya media - trying to get better)

There are no Made In Japan Verbatim discs, only Made In Singapore (MCC’s own plant), Made in Taiwan (Made by CMC with Mitsubishi stampers and quality control) and Made In India (Made by Moser Baer India, similarly to CMC in Taiwan).
MCC in general is excellent media, but some people have reported that the Singaporean ones are of better quality than the ones made in India and Taiwan. Try them and see!

The Verbatim datalifeplus 4x dvd-r pastels with the Taiyo Yuden dye are marked “made in Japan” as you’d expect being TY. So you can say there are Verbatim discs made in Japan, there’s nothing on any of the packaging other than Verbatim, and it’s “Made in Japan”.

Doh, I forgot about those. My bad, sorry.


Its made in Taiwan, and its mcc 02. :smiley:

Nope that is normal. It is MCC but it is manufactured by CMC, so you will get the MCC media ID. The quality control however, is better on the Singapour made Verbatims. :wink:

oh :a


bad choice of dvd?

I’ve used Verbatim DVD+R x4 made in taiwan, they were printable tops, the look and feel of them were very high quality in my opinion, and I had no problems with any of the movies I put on them.

good to hear :slight_smile:

Though, the ultimate question, is for how long? 50 years would suffice :slight_smile:

They do cost an arm (not an arm and a leg like TY, though )

I would give both arms and both legs for TY media :wink:

If they work then I wouldn’t say so. It’s more of a “for your next purchase” sort of info. There are plenty of people who have Taiwanese made Verbatims who have no trouble. I was just pointing out that on average the reports of problems, ect. are lower on the Singapour Verbatims than the Taiwanese ones.

I have burned three 50 pack spindles of Verbatiim 4X DVD+R’s made in taiwan with no problems all were burned either at 4X in a lite on 411S or at 8X in a Plextor 708A. I get them for 29.00 for a 50 pack at sam’s club. but I think my next purchase I am going to try out 8X Taiyo yuden’s from Rima. hadnt tried out Taiyo Yudens before becasue the only ones available locally were Fuji’s at 59.00 a spindle of 50.