Verbatim x16 speed DVD-R media works out 59p each in the UK

Not sure if anyone classes this as a bargain but have x25 spindle packs that work out 59p a disc.

Can’t find the link, so I’m doing it now.

Its only 59p per disc if you buy 500+
If you buy a spindle of 25 then works out @ 81p per disk after postage…

wow, the rare MCC 03 RG20?

It’s MCC004, 16x DVD+R…

I forgot to click on the drop down menu…

Does anyone sell the Verbatim x16 DVD-R?

Nope, not even in Japan. A few got the sample thr.

okie, found in Japan.

Nice link.

{DV 3199} Verbatim (16x) Full Face Printable DVD+R in Spindle Tubs of 50

This is the typical high quality you would expect from Verbatim in a DVD+R disc.

This disc has a full-face photo inkjet printable surface.

Before using the 16x media, please ensure that it is appropriate to the hardware in which you are using it.

Please ensure that your firmware is kept up-to-date.

Note: In our tests we found that these discs were writable at 16x in the NEC 3520 writer, but only at 12x in the Pioneer 108 and 109. We assume this to be a firmware issue and once newer firmware upgrades are available we expect the problem to be rectified.

This discs are shipped to us in spindle tubs of 50.



Finally at an affordable price with a pack of 50 costing £25. Hope I have it right this time! :slight_smile:

Only other 16x discs available in UK

Same MCC 03RG20 code as verbatim ones mentioned, though minus is available. No plus.