Verbatim with TY mids?

Does Verbatim ever had a TY media codes? As far as I know, NO, they only have MCC or CMC, but I might be wrong. I was looking at this post

Oops, sorry, I found in the media test forum that Verbatim DataLifePlus (AZO) is TY. sorry…

Is that 8x +R? The DataLifePlus 8x +RW I have are Mitsubishi Kagaku Media.

I understand the same code can be used for different product sources but I wonder if any such media differs significantly such as DLP having a better coating than common TY?

Not all DataLifePlus (AZO) are TY…, only the pastel ones.

Yes, it has. I have bought a 20-pack of Verbatim Pastels CD-R at 19.90 €, which is much than the others which cost 0.90 € per disk (18 € a 20-pack). Using LiteOn’s SMART-BURN utility on my Plextor I have noticed they are Taiyo Yudens.

Does Verbatim make pastels (= TY) DVD-R too ?

Yes .