Verbatim warrantly repl. = Easy?



I purchased 2 100pk spindles of Verbatims (one each of + and -) from Supermediastore with rebate. Foolishly, I immediately cut the bar codes and submitted my rebate forms. I assumed that buying a brand name would ensure good media. Well, this was the case with the + spindle. On the other hand, I’ve had some bad discs off the top of the - spindle. After burning approximately 6 discs, 4 of them display dye defects. When held up to the light, they look like dark specks that a comet-like tail extending out towards the edge of the disc. One of them won’t even scan and is a coaster. The other 3 scan “OK” and seem to play OK for now. Rather than go through the rest to see how many were bad, I decided to call supermiastore for an RMA (which they did happily). However, after reading the fine print, I realized that removing the UPC’s disqualified me from any RMA. I tried to see if they’d send me a replacement spindle with the UPC cut out (so I couldn’t try for another rebate) - NOPE. I asked if I could exchange them for unbranded verbatims - NOPE.

So my only recourse is to contact Verbatim directly (tomorrow).
Have any of you needed to go through Verbatim for warranty replacements of defective media? If so, was it painless?

NOTE TO SELF: Even brand name media can be/go bad.

Thanks for your replies.


well, u are right. i have a spindle of 10 discs verbatim -r, i did a disc last night and I saw this "comet"of 1 or 2 mm…

i didnt try the dvd yet, how can I check if it will work or not (woithout looking the whole movie)

I will not buy any more verbatim -r.


The one coaster would not play and couldn’t be scanned with Nero drivespeed and failed the Nero disc quality test. The other 3 “seemed” to play OK. The disc quality test scan weren’t the greatest, but quality was >90. My concern are:

(1) How many more coasters are in this spindle?
(2) Regarding the non-coasters that have minor defects - will these go “bad” in the future and become unplayable?


I purchased some disks with visable defects and sent them back to Verbatim UK (august 2004)
after many emails I got replacements (feb 2005)

I’m sure this was a 1 off though, and they were very generous with replacements.


I also purchased some spindels Verbatim -R (8x)

I have Pioneer 106/A06

Before I used the crap princos without any problems!

But with these Verbatims, I can’t burn a good DVD.
Every dvd gets stuck when playing :sad: or when I try to re-copy it on the computer

I even have the same trouble with a Data-DVD.

I tried 1 Speed, 2 Speed & 4 Speed(it’s a 4 speed writer)
I tried the last version of Nero
I upgraded the firmware to 1.08
I even installed a second Xp (dual boot) only for testing

All the same problem :sad:


Well just got off the phone with Verbatim tech support and the return process seems pretty easy (almost too easy). The guy told me to just return the spindle, include my name and address and send it to:

Attn.: Technical support
1200 West Harris Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28262

No RMA number required and he said it’d take 7-10 working days to receive replacement media. In actuality, he said I’d get the replacement media faster than that. :slight_smile:

Makes me wonder if there’s been a run of bad media and that’s why he just said to return it. Didn’t even ask much about how I used the media, hardware I had, etc.


I agree… seems weird

Yesterday, I tried burning on Infiniti Dvd-R and that worked like a sharm
Strange why I have so much trouble with the Verbatim’s…


Makes me wonder if there’s been a run of bad media and that’s why he just said to return it. Didn’t even ask much about how I used the media, hardware I had, etc.

Verbatims support has allways been excellent when it comes to fixing problems at least that’s the experience I get from looking at the boards, a friend of me (which had problems 2 times.) and what my local store owners say.

However about the time 7-10 working days I do have some questions. Most times they take at least double. There slow is what I heard and read but they allways solve it very good.
But you will see.