Verbatim VX Shiny Silver 16X DVD-R Media 200 Pack in Plastic Wrap $39.99


free shipping good till 7/14/2010


free shipping good till 7/14/2010[/QUOTE]
Thanks, does anyone know humm…what is VX? It’s not in the picture from the web site cause those are cake boxes.


I’m pretty sure the VX means Extra Value series, and more importantly they are not AZO. The Data Life Pro series is AZO.


Thanx DR. D.Q.!
so I’m guessing CMC Magnetics?:confused:


[QUOTE=dave.evill;2531107]Thanx DR. D.Q.!
so I’m guessing CMC Magnetics?:confused:[/QUOTE]
value line Princo :stuck_out_tongue:


[QUOTE=jamescooley1;2531108]value line Princo :p[/QUOTE]

Yo James-

Proving - once again - u get what u pay for it-eh


hey Dave, just J/K ing man :bigsmile:


Yep those are Value Line / Life Series discs for sure and CMC Magnetics :Z and I wouldn’t
pay over $9.99 for all 200 of them much less the price they are asking $39.99 :disagree: