Verbatim vs. Taiyo Yuden?



Hi all

I’m down to my last 3 TY DVD-R’s, and I’m going to be placing another order from the place most Canadians shop from for authentic media, and I’m debating between:

Media Code Mfr: MCC 003
Media Code Id: 8.0x 11080KBps
Write Strategy Speed: 8.0x 11080KBps, 50 BLANKS for $33.95 CDN

or the same as before:

Media Code Mfr: YUDEN000T02
Book Type: DVD+R
Write Strategy Speed: 16x 22160kbs, 50 BLANKS for $35.00 CDN

Which will have the longest shelf life?
Also, my burner is a Plextor PX-716A if that makes a difference

I would like to try the Verbatims this time to be honest, but if someone can advise me that would be great


TY - less variable in quality…burn better in my 716s than MCC003 without a doubt…

re: longevity…if it’s important enough, burn multiple copies and store in different places under good conditions…and rescan them periodically…


I would go with the TYs! They have always worked the best for me, and I have heard mixed reviews on the MCC 003 discs. :iagree:


MCC has always been over-rated IMHO. Quite variable stuff, depending on when and where it’s made. MCC003 was one of the better ones though.


Preliminary studies on optical media life-span indicate that cyanine dye is more stable against light deterioration when compared to Azo and other types. This would give the edge to TY.


Your best shot right now is going with either Verbatims or TYs, as far as anyone knows.

Look around the world; it seems that the best minds can’t predict what will happen a few days ahead. What will happen to anything 20 years from now is anyone’s guess. Even if the media holds up - will you have a player to read it?


see, thats not a issuse unless u like to leave ur media dye up out of a caSE IN SUNLIGHT ALL DAY LONG


I have to disagree little bit :slight_smile: Those TY “blanks” are not very good if considering longevity (I have tested those in 80°C / 85% humidity. More results soon.). :stuck_out_tongue:


I know the feeling. I keep hearing about how others get great results with Verbatim and as I get bored with 98% and 99% quality scores with Yuden000T02 I ocassionally try vertatim. Although the results I get are not bad - unless scanning is a waste of time - I have to conclude that yuden is better.

As to how long they will last - who knows. It seems reasonable to conclude that a better disk now will last longer but does not necessarily follow.

I have been testing 3 year oild disks- some are fine - some fail in parts and some will play on a stand alone but will not copy. So far I have not found any verbatim or Yuden disks with real problems.

If its important - make multiple copies - or better still error correction files


I don’t agree. I also wonder were you read that one.
First point is what you compare. I have seen AZO dye’s outperforming cyanine and vice versa. Truth is that Mitsubishi AZO pigment is one of the best available pigments.
Also TY doesn’t have a advantage. Taiyo Yuden uses a AZO dye for there DVD recordables.
Ever seen Verbatim Pastels made by Taiyo Yuden if you did then you would know that it also states metal azo.


I should have said advanced AZO. (Metal azo is on older verbatim/mitusbishi cd-r’s)
Some evidence. Taken from the good old Belgium store called cdrwinkel.


So far, I like both, with a slight edge to Taiyo Yuden. I have burned a few dozen of the Verbatim 16x +r’s that I got from dell awhile back for $6.99 per 25 pack. Very good burns and scans. I haven’t tried any other verbatims so far, but would as long as they were mcc code.


For you and anyone else who wants the original source for the study from The National Institute of Standards and Technology. If you still dispute their findings take it up with the scientists there. Also, if you read closely, you will see metal adds longevity so it can improve the problems with Azo. Also cyanine still has problems with humidity so there are a lot of issues to resolve before the verdict is in.


Just to give another twist, but if you compare the pricing of both and what you get for this price, would you still go for TY? At what price difference would you stop buying TY and shift to Verbatim?


As can plainly be seen in the attached drawing of the patented MAM-A (Mitsui) Phthalocyanine Molecule, the next generation of DVD’s should last for their claimed 300 years. The question I ask is; will we be able to understand the complexities that Ice Cube brought to his role in “XXX: State of The Union” fifteen generations from now?


i looked at the link chas and there is no info about the dyes for the dvds. it states specifically

Unfortunately, dye information for DVD-R is
less accessible than for CD-R and it is therefore difficult
to make a determination of stability based on dye
type. However, most DVD-R discs tested are based ona stabilized Cyanine dye. Since results from these
samples of similar dye types are quite different, there
appears to be varying proprietary modifications made
to the dye formulations, and perhaps different manufacturing
processes and quality control procedures.
which is entirely ambiguous since they were not able to determine what types of dye they were working with. my experience on 5 nec writers is that MCC 003 and 004 burn very i have not seen any variability for longevity but i also have not burned a great deal of their discs prior to the last year or so. as far as mcc variability since prodisc and cmc make the discs cmc would probably represent the lower quality portion of those discs. lately there have even been some mosier produced mcc.

all in all TY is the king no doubt about it but if the price is right i don’t think you will be dissapointed in the mcc


That’s why the results are called preliminary and not conclusive. Form your own opinions.