Verbatim vs Taiyo Yuden TY03

Type  Speed  ADVDInfo      Brand        Pieces Price/piece printable  URL
DVD+R  16x   YUDEN000T03   Verbatim        25      0.2116   
DVD+R  16x   YUDEN000T03   Yaiyo Yuden    100      0.3425     yes

Does it matter what brand the label says on these? The Verbatims are so much cheaper.

Did it matter or are they just the same in quality just that one is printable?

Printable makes it more expensive. Quality should be the same.

Some say that TY branded TY are better but I think that’s a load of BS. TY can simply be inconsistent with their 16x media.

Go with the cheaper option, they are the same thing at the end of the day.

i found my pannys to be consistant , but as cd pirate says they can be inconsistant with them too nothings perfect at the end of it :slight_smile:

I agree. :slight_smile:

My opinion:

  1. Taiyo Yuden 16X media is far less consistent from batch to batch than their 8X media.
  2. Verbatim-branded T03s (batch TH000020) have been has been less-than-perfect blanks for me, and I’ve seen other complaints around.
  3. I’d rather use MCC004 Verbatims than T03 Verbatims. Actually I’d rather use MCC004 than T03, to boot.
  4. [I]Unbranded[/I] TY discs from SVP can’t be identified as “regular” or “value” line, unless you specifically ask Steve. But my 8X [I]unbranded[/I] TY from SVP has always been excellent and better than my Verbatim-branded 8X TY blanks.

Why the [I]unbranded[/I] in italics? Because there-is-no-such-thing-as-Taiyo-Yuden-branded-media. I know that some don’t care to make a clear distinction between what is a “branding” and what is “something that identifies a manufacturer”, but I do.

My advice is if you really want TY discs, SVP still has unbranded 8X T02 (printable), you should get these instead of any 16X TY media.

Good point, I missed that :wink:

Well, there’s That’s media, but it’s rare.

Of course. :slight_smile: - still, even though [I]That’s[/I] is TY’s own brand, the discs can’t be reffered to as
"[I]Taiyo Yuden [/I]- branded TY discs",
but as
"[I]That’s[/I] - branded TY discs"… :wink:

Oh, it’s not that important, it’s just because I’m under the impression that many european online stores tend to take advantage of this confusion around OEM/bulk/unbranded TY discs (same goes with Ritek BTW) by presenting them as “Taiyo Yuden discs” with a TY logo etc… so to put the price higher “because it’s the famous TY brand”.
Even value-line unbranded TY has been, and still is, sold at a higher price than TY discs under the Sony, Fuji, Datasafe, TDK or Verbatim brands!
See my point? :slight_smile:

I don’t know what media I want, something good I assume :smiley:

These would be my top selection among SVP’s offer (I like all these discs): (the MCC 004 version)

Nooo, while trying to decide the infintis have run out of stock? Crap, i needed them to test on the gamecube :frowning:

My order got up to 225 £ so i couldn’t decide what to order. How long time could it take until they get them again? I need them :frowning:

Well, no one here can give you an answer! (Well, except if Steve shows up here, which happens from time to timen but don’t count on it).

Ask SVP through their help site by opening a help ticket. They’re friendly and tend to reply quickly to customer enquiries.

Email Steve at SVP and ask, I’m sure he’ll be able to give you a rough estimate when they’ll be back in stock. :slight_smile:

end of the day tys a ty to me its all gravy baby :smiley: (obviously this is my opinion not hard facts as we know some tys are better then others :slight_smile: ) my ridisc mcc03rg20s play fine in the gc i know a few people who used them in theirs but i

I guess you wanted to try the 8X (MCC 02RG20). The 16X version (MCC 03RG20) doesn’t seem to be out of stock. You could give them a go, in my experience they are very compatible with players so maybe the gamecube will like them?

I think that what drive your using might help, I like the LG drives and from what I have seen they like the Verbatim media as well. I have got ‘other’ media a few times and not had much luck. Now I stick to Verbatim, be it their brand or Infiniti brand and TY.

I have also been getting quite a lot of the 25 pack/tub TY/Verb MIJ media from SVP because (and this is not proved, but I bet others will agree) that there is a slight chance on the disks not getting damaged in the smaller packs, but its not a real big deal.

  1. I’d rather use MCC004 Verbatims than T03 Verbatims. Actually I’d rather use MCC004 than T03, to boot.

This is the other thing, I am not saying that there is anything wrong with T03 far from it, just that MCC004 is easy to get hold of and can be cheaper (much cheaper in the case of the Infiniti brand), I dont class it as a second best, more so because of my first point… My LG drives like it.