Verbatim vs Panasonic TYG02

Hi Guys
Just thought this may be of interest to people when choosing disks.
Having used TYG02 (from various manufacturers) for a while I have never had a problem with them till now. Recently I bought Verbatim TYG02 from SVP, many simply refused to burn at all and most that did burn scanned worse than anything I’ve seen before.
The disks had what looked liked paint drips round the edges so I emailed SVP with the scans. They confirmed there is a problem with these disks but say it is down to a ‘packaging error’. This seems unlikely as a properly dried disk should not run due to packaging! My guess is that the top layer has been badly manufactured and ruined the dye layer. Has anyone else come across these disks?
All credit to SVP they swapped these disks straight away. I now have the Panasonic TYG02 and they are as close to perfect as I’ve come across, however hard I try I can’t get a bad scan!
Does anyone know when the top layer is added to the disk, is it done at TY (in which case why does it only seem to be the Verbatim disks which are a problem?) or are they shipped just as a ‘dye layer’ for the manufacturer to add there own layer to?
Either way my advise is to stay clear of the Verbatim for a while and pay the extra few pence for the Panasonics!

On the surface, it sounds like they sold you some fakes, or maybe some factory seconds. How were they packaged? What labelling did they have on the discs? Serial numbers?

I’ve got some of the Verbatim TY DVD-Rs from SVP and have had no problems. It is a bit suspicious though when they are being sold at 2/3 of the price of unbranded TY discs. The same goes for the Plextor TY media but again I have had no problemes with these either.

I got some Verbatim TYG02 batch GG000110 in 25pc cakeboxes from in Germany, and they are very good (provided that I don’t burn them faster than 8x).

There are no visible dye defects on the discs. The price was the same as the Verbatim MCC 02RG20 discs that used to be sold under the same Verbatim reorder number 43475.

No problem with the first 40 tubs of Verbatim/TYG02 from svp. Consistant burns all over. From 0-500 PIF and mostly sub 100 PIF - PIE 10-20. I’ll let you guys know if i see anything unusual at some point since i use these discs all day long :wink:

(I can even use my Benq for these and it doesn’t mess them up too much)

I have really good results with the verb TYG02, actually i tell a lie i have had a couple that did’nt burn correct, maybe a defect i dont know. Normally i get a light ring around the discs where the drive shifts speed or mode(use’s pcav at X8) but a couple had a strange …mmmmm … well hard to explain, miss burn kinda going across at a angle from where the drive first change speed to the next time it shifted up, but anyways i cant complain only about a dozen have done that but i think maybe that was the batch as i have only had that happen from one spindle and one pack of pastels. Apart from that they have been great. Oh i have tryed the panasonic ones as well and they are also great.

Yes, I have. I can confirm this. I have Verbatim TYG02, Panasonic TYG02, Fujifilm YUDEN000 T02:

Verbatim Advanced AZO+ DVD-R 8x TYG02 Made in Japan
0-23942-43475-7 GG000110 1013 VE534A012345GG

Full of speckles in the area of about 1cm-wide round the outer edge for discs of more than half the spindle. The rest has less speckles but none is perfect. The speckles can be seen easily with naked eyes.

Panasonic DVD-R 8x TYG02 Made in Japan
5-025232-335848 GG000124 0103 YH532A012345GG

With naked eyes, you could be fooled into thinking that these discs are perfect. But if you put it in bright lamplight, you will see those speckles. They are not as wide as (less than 0.5cm-wide) and probably not as thick as those on Verbatim TYG02 that’s why it’s harder to see but the discs are still not as perfect as Fujifilm YUDEN000 T02.

Fujifilm DVD+R 8x YUDEN000 T02 Made in Japan
4-902520-252111 TG001159 0409 EB523A012345PG

Perfect! No speckles on any of the 25 discs in the spindle!

I read here sometime ago someone said that Taiyo Yuden discs are made in Japan (dye layer) and then shipped to China to add the top layer. I guess it varies among those factories. But I also have this problem with Made-in-India Imation DVR+RW 4x (MBIPG101 W04, as bad as Verbatim TYG02) but not Made-in-Taiwan Imation DVR+RW 4x (RICOHJPN W11, as perfect as Fujifilm YUDEN000 T02).

I wouldn’t get the Panasonic again either.

When you say speckles you dont mean dye imperfection, just marks on the discs there kinda like scratch’s but thenre not. If so then yeah ive seen them on the very outer edge on the verb ty’s on spindles, did’nt see any on the outer edge of the panasonic 10 disc spindle i bought. The Verb pastel ty x8 discs are crisp though. Although the little marks are a tad annoying i dont tend to find tham that bad due to the fact most stuff i burn does’nt take up a full disc and make it right to the edge, anything that does i use a look through and use a disc without them tiny marks. Although those speckles seem more on the outer edge of the disc just past the dye. Some have it just on the edge of the dye.
The Verb pastel ty cd-r’s are fine though.
Another reason i am not to bothered is because the quality of the burns are still really good.

i have a lot of these verb ty discs with the speckles which is anoying to day the least.

To me the speckles seem to be either scuff marks or residue from them being stacked when the verb top layer has not properly dried.
Hopefully panasonic printables are coated by ty and thus should be much cleaner.

i have them on the very outer edge too looks like slight scuffs to me

scuff marks … thats the word i was trying to think of. Could it be due to where or who packs them, as the verbs tys come in that standard style spindle where as the panasonic ones come in that heavy duty style one that ty discs come in, so do the pastel cdrs.

Problem with the Fujis is theres always the chance of ritek mid’s.

All the TYG02 I’ve had until now had/have these speckles (or scuff marks, whatever) near the outer edge. When burning my first couple of TYG02 I was anxious, but soon discovered that these slight surface imperfections, surprisingly, didn’t have any impact on the burn quality. :cool:

I think this is very different from what the first poster experienced. This I’ve never came across with TYG02, would it be Verbatim-branded, Plextor-branded or unbranded. :confused:

:iagree: There are lots of fake Verbs in Europe now. It’s always possible that even a serious reseller like SVP ends up with some fakes. It would have been interesting to check for the serials, stamper and the like.

Well, we all know TY seems to problems with speckling. It seems to be something to do with their silkscreening process, because you don’t find speckles on unbranded TY, and they can be found on the other major TY rebranders, ie, Panasonic, Verbatim, and Fuji.

I hope they get this fixed, because they’ve had this problem for a looong time! :a

Why consider it as a problem if it doesn’t impact writing quality?

True, very true.

In my experience it does affect writing quality; sometimes very signifigantly.

YMMV, though! :smiley:

No idea what “YMMV” stands for :confused:

Your Milage Might Vary. (Your experience might be different from mine). Right?

Same here. I usually have dense PIFs near the outer edge on many discs from the same Verbatim TYG02 spindle but not from Fujifilm YUDEN000 T02 spindle. Just to show a few (the last one is the worst):

Stock firmware @8x (details in the Plextor scan). SolidBurn=off, WOPC=on.

Same firmware @8x a bit better (due to fewer speckles?)

Different firmware @12x. Still sub-par compared to 12x TYG02 burns by other people. SolidBurn=on, WOPC=on, first learn for this MID.

This is the worst. Don’t know if the new firmware is to blame. I should think not. SolidBurn=on, WOPC=on, first learn for this MID (this firmware upgrade reset the learned MID table).

It’s even in my dictionary. :slight_smile:

Not on Fujifilm YUDEN000 T02 discs for me. (OK, if you were talking about Fujifilm TYG02).

Question, if it’s something to do with the silk screening process, why only the outer part of the discs?