Verbatim Vinyl Overburning

I’ve run two Verbatim vinyls through CD Speed’s overburning test at a variety of speeds, from 4x-24x, but the burning never ends. These are 80min cd’s, but every time they hit 99:57.74. Is this some glitch in the program or what? I can’t imagine that there would be 25% extra space on these discs.

I would burn some data to them instead of simulating, but these are relatively expensive discs.

My 99:00 simulation with Nero gives a write error, but it’s after the burning progress reaches 100%. That could just be the drive, not the media, right?

The 99min reading on CDRs when doing an overburning simulation using CDSpeed is a known bug on the Lite-On drives with certain firmwares. Read this thread here (it does discuss your model drive further down in the thread):

Generally speaking you should be able to get up to 710MB on a 700MB CDR (depends on the drive and the media). The only way to find out the actual limit is to do the overburn. :frowning:

Ah great, thanks for pointing that out. At least I still have the results I got with my old 24x…