Verbatim Vinyl Now At SVP

Just letting you guys know that SVP now has Verbatim Vinyl CD-R’s (x52). Might have to get some just because of the design, its nice to see and have a disc that looks different.

Nice to see a company that listen to there customer’s. In the description it says " Available by popular demand "

Would’nt mind seeing them get the Verbatim -R Hardcoat Disc’s.

Wow! Nice one Jedi, thanks for the heads-up :slight_smile:

Hehe. Yeah, thanks for the heads up - I wanna try & play with them too :smiley:

Are these disc mentioned SuperAzo and have lifetime warranty?
Also where these discs are made in ? -Only MII found here since 1 year now.

In my local area, they’re Super Azo and MII :sad:

But the picture from SVP is VERY WEIRD… :eek:

Looks like some really old stuff.
Who wants to play guinea pig? :flower:

That’s fortunate for you Europeans. The ones sold here in the U.S. are MIT or MIC - but are not Azo at all; instead, they are all phthalo CMC-made discs with CMC codes.

I would, but I have to pay my mum for the last order first :bigsmile:

^ Oh dear :eek: In debt for media.

[QUOTE=>:|sh4d0w|:<]^ Oh dear :eek: In debt for media.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, innit sad? :bigsmile:…that came about 'cos I used her credit card, and since I’ve been ill I haven’t been able to get to a bank.

I’ll be buying some next time i order. Dont know when though.

Looks like Verbatim CDRs without MCC codes spread like virus :bigsmile:
Here usually found only Verbatim’s MIC discs as “Extra protection”,instead of Super Azo discs and those only MII:a
So it’s like win the lotto game if someone find once a year Verbatim’s TY discs :bow:

Come to the UK and shop at Staples :bigsmile:

@Yoda, nice one, thanks for taking up the challenge :bigsmile:


Went to Staples in Stoke-on-Trent today - saw some TY Extra Protection CD-R’s, but that was all :frowning:


Dont know when im ordering next though.

Me neither LOL. :wink:

@Kev - I haven’t seen anything TY apart from those in any B&M store for awhile. :frowning:

Thanks for the info.
Next time visit London I’ll try find some,since no branded TY CDRs found by local distributor any more (and if found under That’s or Plextor brand,are expensive 16euro/50 discs cakebox,than 9euro/50discs of rare find Verbatim’s) :confused:

Wow. Didn’t know they were so expensive.
But officially, a 50 That’s CD-R pack is € 13.09 at the local importer. I thought would be (almost?) always available :eek:

Is the availability a Gaijin bonus maybe? :wink: Just kidding… :bigsmile:

very cool

Okay I’ll volunteer to be a guinea pig and try some of them out I found some of them
over at so I’ll be ordering them very soon like in the next day or two. I’ll
post back and let everyone know how they burn after I get them hopefuly they will do
a good job at burning. I’m not sure which one’s they are MII or MIC or MIT maybe after
I get them it will tell on the package where they were made. Here is the link to them at
newegg cost is $9.99 + $6.41 for shipping in USD for a 25 pack of them kind of pricey at
that price but hey they look pretty cool

Okay got them today and burned the first one and I don’t know what to make
of the first scan of it. It doesn’t look all that good to me looks like even Verbatim’s
CD quality is going downhill just like their DVD quality is. It could be that the Liteon
drives just doesn’t read them all that good but it seems to play just fine no skips
or anything like that. :confused:

Here is the quality scan and the TRT the TRT has a couple of slow downs in it.