Verbatim Vibe 40X Music CD-R

At a Pop&Mom store (in Chicago) I found 2 100-disk Verbatim Vibe CD-Rs.
They were $6 per pack.
They were manufactured in 2003.
Are they any good?

I think that they’re Verbatim Super Azo CD-R made in Taiwan or Mexico by CMC. Have you seen any country of origin on these?
At $6 for a 100 pack you have nothing to lose. :smiley:

I agree with that, I’d snap some up :iagree:

I called the store. They told me the CDs were made in Taiwan " High Fidelity Recording. Ultra compatible. 80 minutes. 1x - 40X"
I’ll buy both packs, one for me and one for my niece (who, for some reason prefers Music CD-Rs over plan CD-Rs).