Verbatim VBT481248a

I just purchased a Verbatim VBT481248a CDRW from Fryes, but the face of the drive says 48x16x48. Win 2k SP3 recognizes it as a Cendyne 481648ax, and the drive itself says Model# CW 4802.

After an hour and a half or research it seems pretty clear that this drive is an Accesstek (Optowrite) CW4802

Anyone have experience with this drive? I also have a LiteOn ltr-24102b. The write speed is half that of the LiteOn, but everyone here seems to freak on LiteOns, so should I keep the LiteOn and dump the Optowrite? Best I can tell the LiteOn can do SD2 and the Optowrite can’t (but I haven’t personally tested either).

If you rip audio the Optorite is really fast and it will rip scratched cds that other drives won’t. I haven’t burned with it much because I have several 52x Lite-ons. Joel

Where is the firmware site for this Verbatim/optorite CW4802 drive? Optorite flash program doesnt recognize the Verbatim drive as the correct drive to flash to. Winupdate from Optorite gives an error code of: “The model error” and the flash program is in another language (updata) or typo. is there a command line interface that you can force the flash ignoring error?

I don’t remember specifically but I know I’ve flashed mine with the Optorite firmware. Are you sure you have the correct firmware? I have had trouble with Windows flash tools not working in anything but 9x. Joel